Vid Zgonc(1989) started his musical path at age 12. As a self thought drummer, he developed his own style of playing, based on influence from most recognizable world drummers . He continued his professional growth with many local bands, where he buffed out his appearance and technique filed to highest perfection soaking up even more experiences and references. Among others, he worked as studio artist also with excellent German and Slovenian producers, like Žare Pak (Big foot mama, Sidharta, Dan D) and Thomas Geiger(Van Canto, Hellowen, Blind Guardian). He is also active as drum teacher, trying to transfer all his knowledge and experiences to younger and older generations. From curiosity and always wanting to learn more, he’s opened for any genres and styles to play, learn and get more experiences with it. Currently he works as studio musician, teacher and most proud as endorser of BONE Custom Drums, attending clinics and international shows like The Namm show  and many other projects.

Vid uses his tremendous BONE drum kit Mrs. White. Serious drum kit for serious drummer!

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