opt for the CarbCutter?

Traditional concert snares are heavy, clunky, fragile, and muddled with overtones. Often a drum needs to sit for up to a year post-production for the sound to mellow out. 

Meanwhile, the Carbcutter has…

BONE Carb Cutter Snare Drums


Right out of the box your snare will be ready for stage and studio.

Unbox it and start tracking!

Ultralightweight shells

Replacing plies with carbon fiber drastically reduces shell weight.

Save your energy for the stage!


The maple gives warmth, the carbon gives punch and thwack.

Tradition meets technology!

16 years of R&D

BONE’s been producing world-class drums for almost 2 decades, focusing its R&D over the past 5 years on innovative technologies to bring you the snare drum of the future today.

Let me know when the campaign is going live!

Coming to Kickstarter

Kickstarter is the way to make sure the Carbcutter gets to your kit at the best possible price. Let us know how to reach you and we’ll let you know in plenty of time to get a great deal.